March 16 + 17, 2018
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO

RMECC 2018 Keynotes

We are excited to announce our 2018 Saturday Keynote Speaker!


Enrique "Hank" C. Feldman is the President and Director of Educational Training of the nonprofit Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation (Fostering Arts-Mind Education), the Director of Evolved Learning, and an active composer and performing classical and jazz artist. 

As founder of the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation, Enrique guides and delivers the educational service of over 4,000 at-risk children and families. By training teachers with the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation's artistic and holistic based Life Learning techniques, children improve their academic and social progress. The Foundation's efforts focus on at-risk urban and rural youth, pre-k through grade 12. Their stated objectives include the crafting of sustainable educational models, which are statistically proven to enrich the classroom and home learning environment. 

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